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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How do you know whats the Truth ?

Right around the corner is the November 2016 presidential election. It totally is amazing the "Mud Slinging" contest the media has evolved along the trail. Main stream  media as well as social media sites. Is it hard for people to grasp the reality of who "is or isn't fit" to take charge of the nation?

the question really is......

You yourself need to take a moment or two and make some hard decisions as to who is better for the nation and its people. (Not all the garbage and slinging that has taken place)
First and foremost remember in the beginning of this great nation our forefathers set in writing the "Constitution of The United States of America" the the laws of the land and DID NOT  set forth anywhere that future man or woman can alter or change what has been set forth. It is plain and simple  the law of the land.

 In the past few year this administration  has danced on the rights of Americans and proceeded to strip away the foundation of the United States. Has in fact moved us ever so closer to "One World government and principals. With the present administration in charge and possible still being in charge after November elections do you have any doubt this will not be the future? Change is required and restoration of the "laws of the land" is the only way that is going to preserve our future and all our ancestors have toiled for thru blood,sweat and tears.

Plan and simple ! "If you don't love it....LEAVE IT !


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